Channel Partner’s

Channel Partner’s (CP) are representatives of TEXchange who introduce suppliers and buyers to the portal.
CP might have access to and bring in new suppliers or buyers owing to their long years of experience, and which could bring out new business possibilities.
CP program is especially designed to help those who have excellent relations with Suppliers and Buyers who would be a asset to TEXchange. 
As a CP we expect to use his or her relationship with the proposed user to actively trade on TEXchange, effectively making it a win-win formula for both DMI and CP.

Advantage of being a Channel Partner and expectations:

  1. Be able to start a business under an umbrella of a renowned brand in textile trading
  2. Be able to control and manage buyers and suppliers using TEXchange.
  3. Minimal operating costs but profit sharing of 10% flat 
  4. With more people joining this scheme one would create a strong ecosystem making TEXchange success inevitable.
  5. DMI has a history of supporting subagents and the stellar reputation of never violating agreements, thus making this a reliable and safe venture for the CP.
  6. We expect BA to not only introduce a prospective user but 
  7. - To get them registered
    - Complete their profile on their admin page 
    - make the user start floating offers and inquiries
    - ensure the user responds to all bids and offers
    - finally ensuring deal is concluded 
  8. We expect that once a user uses this platform he will keep using and this will ensure a constant source of revenue to the CP
  9. In time to come we do expect TEXchange to listed or valued and at such time a CP will be given priority as a partner for the future



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