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TEXchange is the brainchild of DMI, a company that has always believed in a faster and more efficient way of trading textile worldwide.

DMI incepted TEXchange Global by drawing on its vast trading experience and being abreast of the new trends and changing customer needs. Automation, security, real-time insights, and unique features have already made TEXchange Global a renowned name among the most trusted cotton buyers and sellers worldwide.

Whether you run fabric-selling websites in India or seek reliable sellers to import your textile products, TEXchange offers completely customized solutions in an ever-evolving and diverse international greige yarn and fabric market.


The global textile market felt the need for such an end-to-end online trading platform for a long time. So, a dedicated team of trading experts and engineers joined, brainstormed, developed, and launched TEXchange, working tirelessly before launching it. Various aspects of easy usability, user experience, look, reliability, and security were kept in mind to give our users, such as woven and non-woven material suppliers and buyers, a truly remarkable experience. Our team has worked hard to transform this vision into Bits and Bytes and has created a trading Portal, which is one of its kind in the world.


In its present avatar, TEXchange Global has been launched for greige cotton yarn and fabrics, blends, and knitted, woven and non-woven products. This will assist buyers and sellers worldwide in connecting and doing business online. With this portal, we plan to bring about a change in the way the textile community will trade on the Internet in the future. Many of our offline partners have transitioned onto this online arena and seen a 2X surge in profits, so why shouldn’t you?


Join us for your requirements in greige yarns and fabrics. Here, you’ll find certified, verified, and reliable buyers and sellers from domestic and international markets who can cater to your needs for practically all counts, major blends, and fabric types. Membership is free and immediate. So, if your business has anything to do greige products, you need to be on TEXchange. Join us and connect with the best silk, cashmere, merino, modal, polyester, and cotton buyers and suppliers from India and 90 other countries.



Damodar Menon International Pvt Ltd. (DMI) has been servicing the Indian Textile Industry and Textile Manufacturers in India and abroad since the early 1950s. We have been the pioneers in Textile trade since the very inception of modern-day textile business in India. Our growth has been in step and tandem with the growth of the Indian Textile Industry.

1956 – Damodar Sons & Company is founded

  • In 1956, three pioneers KN Menon, KG Menon and TK Moni founded the parent company Damodar Sons & Co. in Bombay (Now Mumbai) at Dada Bhai Naoroji Road. Eventually, it went on to become one of the biggest fabric suppliers in India.

1957 - 1965

  • In 1957 KRC Menon joined the company and was sent to Amritsar to deal in Textile Raw Materials
  • In 1958 KR Menon joined part time
  • In 1965 KR Menon was sent to Delhi to expand the business
  • On 2nd Oct, 1969 KR Menon started own Textile business from home located at Green Park, Delhi

1987 – 1995

  • In 1987 Mr. KR Menon founded a new venture with the name of Damodar Menon International (DMI) alongside his wife, as a Director of the company.
  • In 1987 DMI moved one step forward and opened Delta Electric Engineering Works where they started manufacturing fans for companies like Rally Crompton.
  • In 1994 Mr. Ramesh Menon Joined DMI as Managing Director and took DMI onto new heights and started dealing in Yarns and Knits
  • In 1994, DMI expanded itself and bought two new offices in the same premises in Surya Kiran Building, Delhi
  • In 1995 KR Menon became the chairman of DMI.


  • After joining DMI, Mr. Ramesh Menon (Managing director), began spreading its wings internationally and opened offices in Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam & Egypt with expansions still ongoing. As of now, DMI is one of the best places to find reliable fabric suppliers and textile manufacturers in India

“ I take immense pride in bringing to you yet another innovative concept from my company, TEXchange. An online trading portal, primarily for Greige Yarns & Greige Fabric, TEXchange is an invaluable new platform where buyers and sellers can do business at just the click of a button! ”

Ramesh Menon Director

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Here you’ll find the best yarn and fabric suppliers Globally who can cater to your needs for practically all counts, major blends and fabric types.