What TEXchange Global can offer?

TEXchange is a unique online portal created to help textile businesses to buy and sell cotton fabric online. DMI Pvt. Ltd. India leveraged the power technology to conceive TEXCHANGE – the world’s first ONLINE TEXTILE TRADING PORTAL, where fabrics buyers and sellers can do business across the world - 24X7

Just at the tap of their fingers!

TEXCHANGE is the only textile trading platform in the world primarily focuses  on trading

Save Time
Post enquiries and offers anytime, from anywhere. Get swift responses almost instantaneously from interested Fabric people Buyers and Sellers online. Greige cotton suppliers can negotiate with fabric buyers online in real time and strike deals in a few hours. Unlike how it was in the past, businesses do not have to wait for days to weeks to close a deal. You can safely buy, sell, and export cotton fabric online from your home, office, car or anywhere you have access to a computer or mobile device with internet connection. You can browse the portal any time of the day or night from any location convenient to you. Buying and selling online can help you expedite your business and save time. 
  Save Cost
Get bargain deals with cotton suppliers with a few clicks on TEXchange. Negotiate with numerous fabrics buyers/sellers. Decrease your company’s marketing cost and attract your clients or customers from new sources. This is the cheapest, most convenient, and efficient way compared to other marketing methods. You can greatly minimize the cost of processing orders & their delivery time. This can also reduce the company inventory cost manifold.
  Go International

TEXchange is the only Greige Yarns and Greige fabric portal with a Global reach.Cotton suppliers and fabrics buyers can meet multiple customers from various countries on TEXchange. Big and small companies are continually doing business on this portal, successfully striking deals across the borders, 24 X7.

  Deal Transparently

Transparency is the key! At TEXchange, you get to know the profile and history of who you are transacting with. Star Ratings help you to choose smartly who you want to buy and sell cotton fabric to online. This way, you can get the best price for your products and avoid surprises later. Fabric Buyers get to know their Sellers right at the start of the Enquiry and vice versa.



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