Government officials are considering value-added exports as raw material exports might plateau.

The Indian government is focusing on value-added exports like fabrics, finished goods, and home textiles because rising domest [...]

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Indochino, a menswear shop established in Vancouver, now sells women's suits

Customers of all genders will be more comfortably accommodated at Indochino.This Canadian business specialising in custom mens [...]

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As output is decreased in north India, cotton yarn prices are rising in Delhi and Ludhiana.

It appears that spinning mills were successful in their plan to cut cotton prices and give yarn some emotional support. Due to [...]

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Agricultural industry looking for strategies to increase exports

Le Minh Hoan, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), has proposed developing an export market development strat [...]

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Three new MOUs are announced by the UK's International Cotton Association.

Three memorandum of understanding (MOU) have been signed by the International Cotton Association (ICA) of the UK to recognise [...]

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North Indian consumers are discouraged by higher PC and poly spun yarn prices.

Due to increasing pricing and the limited lifting of fabrics, north India's use of polyester-cotton and poly spun yarn has dec [...]

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The cotton market is stable.

On Wednesday, the local cotton market remained consistent and the volume of trading was acceptable. Naseem Usman, a cotton ana [...]

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PBF calls on the business sector to aid flood victims

Mir Murad Ali Talpur, the chairman of the Pakistan Businesses Forum (PBF) Sindh Chapter, has called on the business community [...]

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