TEXchange Brings Innovation

TEXchange brings innovation, speed, efficiency, and profitability to textile companies. It is an inventive online trading portal for B2B textile businesses, allowing them to sell textiles to local and overseas buyers in a couple of days, if not a couple of hours. This advanced process automation tool addresses the dynamic challenges woven and non-woven material suppliers face today in selling through fabric-selling websites.

How Does TEXchange Help Cotton Suppliers in India?

TEXchange empowers cotton fabric suppliers to establish their business digitally, advertise it, acquire new customers, and close the most profitable deals online with dynamic tools like TEXauction and TEXbulletin. It also enables them to gain international recognition without hiring additional sales personnel or investing in expensive marketing plans.

Finding reliable buyers can take a few weeks to several months. You don’t know where your niche customers are. A buyer in Canada might be looking for the exact greige fabric that you sell but doesn’t know you exist because the online textile trading system isn’t robust. It will be months before they locate you through various offline and online resources.

TEXchange eliminates this problem expertly – It is an all-in-use web application that hyper-targets customers relevant to your business offerings. It has everything you need to find a buyer: business qualifications, supplied products, contact identification, location, and business ratings.

It brings textile buyers and sellers together in one place by offering them a dynamic trading platform to connect, collaborate, negotiate, and sell textiles across the world.

For instance, if you are a greige fabric supplier, organic cotton in particular, your business will be listed at the top of the search results of buyers looking for an organic fabric supplier in India.

Between 2020 and 2022, 85% of the global B2B sales happened online, which means there is a high chance your customers are already on TEXchange, tracing its radar to find cotton suppliers like you. This is the perfect time to seize this chance and join our community. With us, never miss a buyer’s call.

TEXchange allows you to use the power of the internet, the most powerful and affordable business tool in 2023, to reduce the time from a few weeks to a few days for posting an offer to close sales.

Here’s How Textile Manufacturers in India Can Grow Rapidly with the World’s First Fully-Digital Trading Application

What if you could carry your business in your hands and close a deal at the tap of your fingertips?

TEXchange is not a fabric-selling website or a digital yellow page. It is a brilliant idea to sail your business through the toughest market challenges. It is an online B2B marketplace and a sales tool that makes trading easy, convenient, and fast-forward for fabric suppliers. It helps create a strong relationship with your hardest-won buyers by delivering customized solutions.

Here are the benefits of TEXchange compared to other fabric selling websites:

  • TEXchange enhances marketing, unlike business done on WhatsApp, emails, or phone calls or by brokers, third-party agents, or sales and marketing teams.

  • It offers you a ready-made market to explore.

  • It is active 24/7. You can stay active in business across all time zones.

  • You don’t need to be a technical person or tech-savvy to use the application.

  • It is mobile-friendly, meaning you can access the tool from your smartphone.

  • Bridges the physical gap between you and your buyers in minutes.

  • Expands your marketing and sales at the click of a button.

  • Broadcasts your business quickly and in real-time.

  • Converts an offer into sales at the best price and in the shortest time.

  • Reduces cost and corruption and doubles your efficiency as multiple layers of processing are removed.

  • Gives first-hand, instant knowledge of new unexplored markets. It makes your global textile trading experience inclusive, fast, and efficient.

  • View offers and inquiries related to your business swiftly and with the least effort.

  • Compare offers, prices, buyers, and suppliers for the best deals

  • Check and verify the customer’s profile and history before processing an order.

  • View hot inquiries and hot offers every day.

  • The smart task manager keeps your business in order. It helps you make the right choices so you don’t miss any bids or offers and prioritize and organize all your sales orders and inquiries.

  • Maintain anonymity till a business deal is closed.

  • Track orders in real-time, on a single screen, through a powerful in-built ERP.

  • Create bids, float offers, and close deals in 4 to 8 hours through TEXauction.

  • Run your business with complete market information with TEXbulletin’ s timely and accurate news updates on the stock market, global cotton prices, finance and economic conditions, and other important news.

  • Find reliable and paying buyers with the help of TEXrate.

TEXchange is the need of the hour as it addresses the challenges of the current online textile trading system, which lacks integration, transparency, & security.

With the advent of the internet and software technologies, the vast majority of woven and non-woven material suppliers in India and overseas have moved online to buy and sell fabric.

Online trading platforms, like TEXchange, have considerably reduced the time, cost, and effort to close a deal for fabric suppliers, not only in the home country but also internationally.

There is no perfect time to sell fabric online because you are already late. Get in touch with TEXchange’s trading consultant; before you propose your business to a buyer, register on TEXchange and see the benefits yourself.


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