TEXchange is the world’s first fully online

TEXchange is the world’s first fully online, secure, data-driven, automated textile trading platform launched for global fabrics buyers and sellers. The textile industry is uncertain and dynamic. And even though it is one of the largest sectors, textile companies in India and abroad are yet to find an online solution that streamlines and secures the global textile trade and makes it possible from the palms of their hands.

While online fabric stores in India cater to only end customers and retailers, wholesale cotton buyers need something that improves their sale time from a couple of weeks to a few days or even hours.

TEXchange Promises Textile Companies in India to Build a Global Business Online Quickly

TEXchange automates and centralizes the entire trading process for manufacturers by making, buying, selling, importing, and exporting textile products, including greige and RFD yarns, fibers, and knitted and woven textiles, digital and approachable.

Owing to its tagline, “Don’t go to the market, let the market come to you,” TEXchange provides fabrics suppliers zero wastage of time, 10 times more business opportunities than traditional buying, 3 times more return on investment (ROI), and 100% security and transparency in business.

This is a decade for digitalization and centralization. The current era is about making the strongest connections globally through tailored technology-based solutions. And TEXchange provides a perfect opportunity for fabric buyers to source unique, natural, and synthetic fabrics and expand their business overseas through the platform’s powerful automation tools and insightful features, like TEXauction and TEXbulletin.

How Can You Buy Cotton Fabric Online from India through TEXauction

TEXauction is a quick, smart, and fastest approach to closing a wholesale fabric online deal. The industry’s first initiative allows buyers to custom-create bids for inquiries and float them on the platform for four to eight hours. As the market opens, buyers can receive instant responses from the bidders, i.e., potential suppliers, with the best market value, quantity, and quality for the inquiry. The bidder who has the closest match to the requirement gets the deal.

For instance, let’s say you want to buy cotton yarn online and are looking for manufacturers from Delhi and China to accommodate your need. You create a bid or an inquiry stating your company requirements, like the quantity (50 kgs), quality (organic, greige), destination (Russia), date (in 3 weeks), and price range ($80 - $100 per kg). Depending upon your urgency to close the deal, you float the bid for four or eight hours.

Once the market opens for trading, TEXchange Smart ERP will notify all the yarn suppliers in India and China about your requirement. The suppliers will start bidding on the TEXauction tool and their value. The supplier that closely matches your requirement – offers 45Kgs, greige yarn, in Russia, in 3.5 weeks, for $105 per kg – gets the deal automatically.

Normally, it takes 2 to 3 days to buy fabric online in India through TEXchange and 2 – 3 weeks to buy through the traditional approach. But, TEXauction allows you to close a deal in less than a day, speeding up the process 100 times.

How to Get the Best Price from Fabric Manufacturers in Delhi, India, through TEXbulletin’s Support?

TEXbulletin is a unique news feature on TEXchange that allows fabric buyers to check the market before positing an inquiry for cotton fabric online in India. . TEXbulletin allows businesses to make informed decisions before entering a deal. Right from the stock market and yarn, fiber, and fabric prices in different parts of the world to banking and finance and NIFTY market indexes, the tool helps you understand your industry better.

In textile trading, textile companies in India must follow a data-driven approach rather than going with gut instincts. And in a dynamic and volatile industry like textile, making data-driven decisions is paramount.

TEXbulletin is a comprehensive news source that provides the most updated and real-time information about the global textile industry.

With this intuitive tool, you can state prices, negotiate deals, and buy textiles based on data and statistics.

The benefits of TEXbulletin are unmatched today

Confidently trade cotton fabric materials online.

Reduce market research and analysis time and effort by 30%.

Understand the impacts of your business decis- ions clearly.

Make yourself a proactive entrepreneur.

Determine the cost of your textile products and save more.

Be Smart in Trading. Be a Part of the World’s Fastest and Most Secure Textile Trading Platform

TEXchange’s modern features, like TEXrate, smart task manager, ERP, and integration, address the numerous challenges textile manufacturers and buyers face in trading cotton fabric wholesale online by providing the exact solution for their offers and inquiries.

TEXchange’s features and functions are designed to keep ease of use, security, and transparency in mind.


Find verified and credible fabric manufacturers in Delhi or anywhere in the world with the TEXrate feature. TEXchange’s patented rating system allows users to rate buyers and sellers based on various factors to make informed decisions and help others make the right choice when finding verified businesses.

Smart Task Manager

Make the right choices, don’t miss any bids or offers, and prioritize and organize all your sales orders and inquiries with TEXchange’s smart task manager, in-built into the system. It makes the daily operations of textile companies in India productive and efficient.

Instead of hiring new employees to buy cotton fabric online, register on TEXchange at a zero-subscription fee. Getting started on www.texchangeglobal.com is absolutely easy.

Register today and take your business online cost-free. For more details, contact our trading expert here.

  • Visit www.texchangeglobal.com
  • Create a new account
  • Enter your business details
  • Post an inquiry
  • Verify seller information
  • Negotiate prices & place the order
  • Track order on the dashboard
  • TEXchange’s trading expert will manage your order in real-time


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