Dear Friend,

I take immense pride in bringing to you yet another innovative concept from my company, TEXchange. An online trading portal, primarily for Greige Yarns & Greige Fabric, TEXchange is an invaluable new platform where buyers and sellers can do business at just the click of a button!

We feel that this is the need of the hour as our business partners can transact efficiently and quickly by clinching deals in Yarns & Fabrics, where cost and time are factors of utmost importance. Keeping your perspective and ease of use in mind we present to you a unique and one-of-a-kind world class product.

I am of the opinion that through TEXchange, business opportunities and profitability will increase manifold which will be mutually beneficial for your esteemed company and ours. This would further strengthen and fortify the bond of trust we have developed over the years. It would be an honor and great pleasure to have you participate in this new venture of DMI and help make it a success.

My dedicated team at TEXchange would be happy to assist you in any manner regarding any inquiries or queries you may have. Looking forward to a great start.



Ramesh Menon

Managing Director

TEXchange E-Biz Private Limited



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