“As output is decreased in north India, cotton yarn prices are rising in Delhi and Ludhiana.”

Aug 26, 2022

By: TEXchange Team

It appears that spinning mills were successful in their plan to cut cotton prices and give yarn some emotional support. Due to a reduction in output and a constrained supply, cotton prices have decreased during the last several days but cotton yarn prices have surged by $5 to $10 per kilogramme. Both Delhi and Ludhiana markets saw an increase in the cost of cotton yarn. According to market sources, demand will improve by mid-September. 30 count cotton combed yarn was sold in Ludhiana for $394 to $399 per kg (GST included), with a gain of $9 per kilogramme. Traded prices for 20 and 25 count combed yarn were 380-385 and 385-390 per kilogramme, respectively. Quotes for 30 count carded yarn ranged from $345 to $350 per kg.



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