If you are looking to source Woven Fabrics or want to sell them, then TEXchange is the right place for you to be. It is the first online truly interactive platform in the world for Greige Yarns and Fabrics. Cotton, Modal, Rayon, linen, and many others are all available here. Simply click on the specifications as per your requirement to float your offers or enquiries and see the responses streaming in fast and steady.

Plain, Twill, Drills, Satin, Taffeta, Bedford cord, Poplin, Gabardine, Oxford, Canvas, Velveteen and Corduroy are all being bought and sold daily by many satisfied users who have already made TEXchange their preferred mode of trading. Join TEXchange now and see for yourself the difference it has made to their business.  

A twill weave is one of the most recognized fabric by its pattern of diagonal parallel weave style. TEXchange encompasses all patterns and weight combinations for you to trade in these.

A strong cotton fabric used in men and women’s bottom apparels can be bought and sold here on TEXchange. Being one of the more popular woven fabrics and widely used in the world because of its versatility and ability to provide comfort, it is among the maximum volume traded on TEXchange.

This distinct fabric due to its clearly distinguishable cord appearance is a sturdy woven fabric.  It can be used for apparel as well as furnishings and can be 100% cotton or blended. ​

s.no Weave Count EPI PPI Width Content
1 1/1 Plain 7's to 80"s 34 to 144 34 to 120 48" - 120" 100% Cotton
Coton / Spandex 98/2
Poly/ Cotton 65/35
2 2/1 Twill 20 's to 60's 96 to 144 48 to 116 48" - 120" 100% Cotton
Cotton /Spandex 98/2
Poly /Cotton 65/35
3 3/1 Drill 7's to 20's 44 to 108 38 to 56 48" - 120" 100% Cotton
Cotton /Spandex 98/2
Poly /Cotton 65/35
4 4/1 Satin 16's to 80's 78 to 165 48 to 104 48" - 120" Cotton Satin
Satin / Spandex
Poly / Satin
5 Dobbies 10's to 80's 48 to 144 42 to 116 48" - 120" 100% Cotton
Cotton / Linen
Cotton/ spandex
Poly Cotton